Are Folding Bikes Good for Commuting in Thailand?

A folding bike or just จักรยานพับได้ as it’s commonly known in Thailand is suitable for your morning or the daily commute to the office or other places you frequent. Folders have numerous advantages over non-foldable and heavier traditional bicycles.

Traditional bicycles put you at a loss since they can be stolen or damaged if parked outside. Unlike a non-foldable bicycle, a folder can be easily folded into a briefcase depending on the size, and taken into the office or apartment for safety.

Most of the compact foldable bikes can remain unnoticed under or close to your office desk due to their small size, and fellow workers may not be able to tell the content of the briefcase. This, therefore, helps to reduce the risk of losing your bicycle to a jealous staff.

So, are folding bikes good for commuting?

Of course, yes!

Though a folding bike can be expensive you can find some budget choices over at in their full folding bike guide for Thailand. But it’s suitable for commuting for a lot of reasons that make you feel happy about buying them.

Besides its foldable feature, which is the unique quality, a folding bike is easy to ride, unlike a non-foldable bike.

They are designed with smaller wheels, and the entire structure is usually of lightweight as stated above to enhance speed. Folding bikes are therefore portable and fast. And with excellent riding skills, you’ll escape arriving work late.

Another reason why a folding bike is excellent and very much recommended for commuting is the fact that it is convenient and saves space. It doesn’t occupy much space when parking due to its slim design. One can easily manage a little space in between other bikes just in case you don’t feel like folding it.

Research has it that commuting to work on a folding bike is preferable to using a car for inhaling fresh air into the lungs as against exhaust fumes while sitting in a car. Further research statistics explain that the number of drivers exposed to polluted air is higher than cyclists and walkers.

In conclusion, a folding bike is highly recommended for the purpose of fitness without having to register with a gym.

Come to think of it, and it saves you the cost of the registration fee and daily visitation to the gym, so you can keep your body fit and increase productivity at your place of work.

Why not kill two birds with one folding bike?

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