What should be the humidity of the baby room?

The ideal room temperature for newborn babies is as important as the humidity in the baby’s room. It is necessary to adjust the humidity of the room well.

It is very important for babies to achieve almost the same temperature and humidity after newborn babies come to the world to the temperature and humidity they are accustomed to in the womb for 9 months.

What happens if the baby’s room has low humidity?

The humidity of the baby room, which is predicted by experts, is around 40% to 50% on average. If the humidity of the room drops, the air inside dries up and we start to consume water and become thirsty in order to stay humid for a while because the body, which is a feature of human nature, must be moist.

Because babies cannot tell they are thirsty, kidneys can be damaged. Another effect is that our hands and feet become dry and uncomfortable. This can cause skin diseases later.

The biggest reason for the decrease in humidity is that the combs in our homes dry the air.

How to Increase the Humidity of the Baby’s Room?

There are two ways to increase the humidity of the nursery. First, the humidity can be increased by airing the room for 30 minutes during the day. This method is the healthiest method we have suggested.

The other method is the method of increasing moisture with a humidifier.

It is found in shopping centers or stores selling baby products. The steam machine price is between 100 TL and 500 TL on average. Prices vary depending on the size and additional features of the device.

If you don’t want to pay for a machine to make steam, you can use another product, kettle, that does the same thing as a steam machine. With the help of kettle, we increase the humidity in the house by making the steam of boiling water spread throughout the room.

How is Humidity Measured?

Humidity measurement does not have a method that people can do with any method. We can measure the humidity in the room with the moisture meter device that we can find in baby stores and technology markets.

If the humidity is 40% to 50%, it shows that we have reached a sufficient level.

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