Welcome to Style Honestly! My name is Tiffany Ima, owner of Style Honestly, a style blog based out of Columbus, OH. Style Honestly is focused on teaching women how to express who they are by defining their own style and letting their personality shine through. On this blog, you will find styling tips, shopping advice, DIY and encouraging messages.


I have a degree in Fashion and Retail Studies and am passionate about teaching women style, cut and color. I believe that every single person has their own way to express themselves     they may just need a little push to find it.

I started Style Honestly as a way to express my creativity through sharing what I was wearing. Since my blog’s onset in 2012, I realized that I should be combining my knowledge of the business of fashion and style with my desire to encourage women.


  • I have way too many shoes.
  • I am a thrift store junkie
  • I love to eat. A lot.