What should be the humidity of the baby room?

The ideal room temperature for newborn babies is as important as the humidity in the baby’s room. It is necessary to adjust the humidity of the room well.

It is very important for babies to achieve almost the same temperature and humidity after newborn babies come to the world to the temperature and humidity they are accustomed to in the womb for 9 months.

What happens if the baby’s room has low humidity?

The humidity of the baby room, which is predicted by experts, is around 40% to 50% on average. If the humidity of the room drops, the air inside dries up and we start to consume water and become thirsty in order to stay humid for a while because the body, which is a feature of human nature, must be moist.

Because babies cannot tell they are thirsty, kidneys can be damaged. Another effect is that our hands and feet become dry and uncomfortable. This can cause skin diseases later.

The biggest reason for the decrease in humidity is that the combs in our homes dry the air.

How to Increase the Humidity of the Baby’s Room?

There are two ways to increase the humidity of the nursery. First, the humidity can be increased by airing the room for 30 minutes during the day. This method is the healthiest method we have suggested.

The other method is the method of increasing moisture with a humidifier.

It is found in shopping centers or stores selling baby products. The steam machine price is between 100 TL and 500 TL on average. Prices vary depending on the size and additional features of the device.

If you don’t want to pay for a machine to make steam, you can use another product, kettle, that does the same thing as a steam machine. With the help of kettle, we increase the humidity in the house by making the steam of boiling water spread throughout the room.

How is Humidity Measured?

Humidity measurement does not have a method that people can do with any method. We can measure the humidity in the room with the moisture meter device that we can find in baby stores and technology markets.

If the humidity is 40% to 50%, it shows that we have reached a sufficient level.

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The Best 5 Wheelbarrows for the Garden

A good garden wheelbarrow is any gardener’s secret weapon.

The right wheelbarrow does more than transport dirt. Can be easily stored in a storage shed

It lightens the load and gets the job done faster without causing back pain.

Of course, not every garden wheelbarrow is the same. There are unique features that make a difference to individual gardeners.

Here’s a quick guide to the five best garden wheelbarrows:


The Gorilla Garden Poly Dump Cart tops the list of best garden wheelbarrows.


It offers many of the features found in individual wheelbarrows in a single package.

The Gorilla cart includes a poly tray, a steel frame and is rust-free. It also includes four tires for extra stability and a dumping feature for easy unloading.

As a heavy-duty wheelbarrow, it can also haul up to 1,200 pounds. But gardeners don’t need to carry it all themselves. The cart also includes a handle to be pulled by a person or an ATV or lawn tractor.


The Ames single-wheel wheelbarrow offers a unique feature in its easy-pour lip on the front of the tray.

Designing a lip into the tray allows for greater accuracy when pouring concrete or mulch straight from the wheelbarrow.

Basically, it allows gardeners to easily transport materials and goes the extra mile by making the end of the process just as simple.

While it’s a great pouring tool, this model is not designed for lots of movement. This is primarily because it isn’t easy to maneuver compared to other barrows. Also, the wooden handles are hard on already tired hands.


The Jackson M6T22 is a single wheel barrow designed for use by homeowners and contractors alike.

Designed for heavy-duty lifting, the 6 cubic-foot tray not only made of steel but is supported by cross strips and an H-brace.

Although it is useful for those carrying slag and gravel and any materials that typically destroy weaker products, the average gardener finds the assembly of the wheelbarrow simple.


The Worx model is unlike any other wheelbarrow on the list because of its versatility.

Transform the cart to fit whatever needs to be carried without throwing off its center of gravity.

The cart can carry up to 300 pounds as well as another 80 pounds of materials stacked on extended mode or the extension arm.

It also includes fold-out extensions designed to help carry awkward items that don’t fit in traditional wheelbarrows.


The Marathon Dual-Wheel is the only two-wheeled model on this list.

The Marathon model weighs only 29lbs and has a 5-cubic foot poly tray that won’t rust.

It deserves special mention because it is one of those rare tools capable of performing heavy duty work. But it isn’t too heavy for light work either.

Purpose-designed loop handles also make this wheelbarrow a gardener’s best friend. The loops combined with the two wheels make it easier to push the barrow over rough terrain – even when it’s full.


Different wheelbarrows offer different value to gardeners.

Anyone looking for a new or replacement wheelbarrow should bear in mind their own abilities and needs and begin their search from there.

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Are Folding Bikes Good for Commuting in Thailand?

A folding bike or just จักรยานพับได้ as it’s commonly known in Thailand is suitable for your morning or the daily commute to the office or other places you frequent. Folders have numerous advantages over non-foldable and heavier traditional bicycles.

Traditional bicycles put you at a loss since they can be stolen or damaged if parked outside. Unlike a non-foldable bicycle, a folder can be easily folded into a briefcase depending on the size, and taken into the office or apartment for safety.

Most of the compact foldable bikes can remain unnoticed under or close to your office desk due to their small size, and fellow workers may not be able to tell the content of the briefcase. This, therefore, helps to reduce the risk of losing your bicycle to a jealous staff.

So, are folding bikes good for commuting?

Of course, yes!

Though a folding bike can be expensive you can find some budget choices over at Proreview.co in their full folding bike guide for Thailand. But it’s suitable for commuting for a lot of reasons that make you feel happy about buying them.

Besides its foldable feature, which is the unique quality, a folding bike is easy to ride, unlike a non-foldable bike.

They are designed with smaller wheels, and the entire structure is usually of lightweight as stated above to enhance speed. Folding bikes are therefore portable and fast. And with excellent riding skills, you’ll escape arriving work late.

Another reason why a folding bike is excellent and very much recommended for commuting is the fact that it is convenient and saves space. It doesn’t occupy much space when parking due to its slim design. One can easily manage a little space in between other bikes just in case you don’t feel like folding it.

Research has it that commuting to work on a folding bike is preferable to using a car for inhaling fresh air into the lungs as against exhaust fumes while sitting in a car. Further research statistics explain that the number of drivers exposed to polluted air is higher than cyclists and walkers.

In conclusion, a folding bike is highly recommended for the purpose of fitness without having to register with a gym.

Come to think of it, and it saves you the cost of the registration fee and daily visitation to the gym, so you can keep your body fit and increase productivity at your place of work.

Why not kill two birds with one folding bike?

How to use a Squirrel Feeder

Finding the best squirrel feeder can be a tough one. Squirrel Diner 2 metal squirrel feeder, this holds peanuts, corn, and lager seed perfect for a squirrel. Squirrels can be highly entertaining as you watch them climb, jump, and solve nature’s obstacles to get whatever tasty food you left in the feeder.

In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of squirrel feeder, basically, by installing some squirrel feeder in your yard is a great way to attract wildlife for more viewing pressure. One of the significant benefits of installing squirrel feeders is that this feeder will often attract quite several wild birds, which usually make the environment look interesting. Squirrel is incredibly gorgeous and athletics, they will do just everything possible to get to a natural food source. Therefore, letting them show off their skill to make people smile.

Benefit Of Squirrel Feeder

 Keeping them away from the bird feeder, fruit, and veggies: By placing a squirrel feeder in your yard, which is easy to reach and also filled with delicious food, definitely will help leave your bird feeder alone. The placement of squirrel feeder in your home is one of the best options that need to be considered as this keeps them away from your bird feeder. When this animal has enough food, they leave the bird feeder alone and also have no interest in the fruit and veggies that you are trying to grow.

Safe Place For Food: This feeder for squirrels’ functions both as a safe place for food while also providing some entertainment. The frame makes it simple to attach this feeder to any tree, fence post, or other flat surfaces. This feeder gives them a spot to rest and enjoy the tasty meal you provided. Also, squirrel feeder occasionally serves a centre of attraction of other wildlife.

Best Place To Site a Squirrel Feeder.

Bird blog onlinebest.ca say there are many squirrel feeders available in the market, and it can be complicated to find the perfect right area for placement. First, you need to decide exactly where to put your squirrel feeder. It very important to position your squirrel feeder in a convenient place where it will be easy to reach for filling up, also try to keep it away from your bird feeding area.

The majority of squirrel feeder is mounted feeders. This is because squirrel has to be in a spot in order to eat their food, if you have yourself the mounted squirrel feeder, the corn on the cob will be the perfect best option.

Siting a squirrel feeder in the backyard is an excellent area for the placement of squirrel feeder and also great for your children as it teaches people a real-life illustration of nature and also how wild animals survive. Also, ensure to position squirrel feeder in a spot where their presence will not affect your gardening activities and ensure the feeder is constantly filled.

Children can also participate in the process, adding more food to the feeder or getting them cleaned occasionally. Such participation makes the kid feel useful and at the same time, teaches them how to be responsible for the wellbeing of other living creature.

Finally, separate these creatures to their own feeding station. Research has shown that the squirrels are very territorial, when they are fed continuously in a new environment or area, they tend to mark the area and protect it as their own.

Why you should be using biodegradable bags in your camping toilet?

When we go camping, whether or not you are using a bucket toilet, chemical or simply doing your dirt in the ground, we need to keep it as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Using plastic bags to bury our waste carries untold negatives and bad effects for the environment and nature. A plastic bag will never break down, and if it ever does, it is not going to do any benefit to the surrounding earth. In fact, it will no doubt poison the soil over time, slowing down growth or blocking it all together. 

Plastic is a huge concern for people all around the world and has, in recent times, gathered a lot of momentum on social media. Mainly due to the terrifying videos made of landfills and clogged beaches, washed up whales filled with plastics has shocked the world, and caused action.

We now realize how much our waste can affect our local trails, forests and campsites. So, we must be more aware of what we are using ourselves. Manufacturers are using this to release environmentally friendly products such as biodegradable trash bags, which we can use in conjunction with our camping toilets.

After our waste is done in a bucket toilet or camping commode for example, we can then wrap up the eco-friendly bag and successfully bury it. Remember to bury it at least 10 meters away from any public trail with the correct sized cat hole. 

The beauty of this bag is the bag will break down naturally and cause no damage or negative effect to the surrounding nature and wildlife. This is what we want, as campers to leave the smallest footprint environmentally, as possible. This helps us to do so. 

If you’re curious to find out more about the bucket or commode style camping toilets, then check out the thorough reviews done by thetenthub.com which have an all in 1 guide on camping toilets and methods. They also have an article on ethical methods that can be used when disposing of waste on the trail. 

Chemical toilets work in a slightly different way by using chemicals to break down the waste and then they are generally emptied into a communal waste tank, where everyone using a chemical toilet can empty together. This is then collected by waste management trucks and disposed of by that county. 

However, if you are using plastic bags for any reason while out on your trip, whether it be for disposing of waste from foods or waste from toilets, you can utilize the various sizes of compostable bags, to set an example of how we should be moving forward together in an eco-manner. 

Again, check out thetenthub for guides and methods of camping with toilets, and we hope you can be inspired to use less plastic on your future trips.